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CS533 Automata and Formal Languages
Fall 2014


Peter Heeman

Tuesday/Thursday 4:00pm-5:30pm

Gains Hall Room 5

3 credits

Course Information


Assignments 60%
Midterm 20%
Final Exam 20%

Class Schedule

Below is a tentative vesion of the class schedule. I am making this available so that you can get an idea of what will be taught in the course. I am making tentative versions of the homeworks and the class lecture slides.

The textbook is Introduction to the Theory of Computation 3rd edition, by Michael Sipser.

Tue Sep 30
Class 1
Lecture 1a Finite Automata Chapter 1
Thu Oct 2
Class 2
Lecture 1b Non-determistic Finite Automata
  Homework 1 Due Thursday October 9 by 4:00pm.
Tue Oct 7
Class 3
Lecture 1c Regular Expressions
Thu Oct 9
Class 4
Lecture 1d
Pumping Lemma
Lecture 2a Context Free Grammars Chapter 2
  Homework 2 Due Thursday October 16 by 4:00pm.
Tue Oct 14
Class 5
Lecture 2b Designing CFG, Chomsky Normal Form,
Thu Oct 16
Class 6
Continued Nondeterministic pushdown automata
  Homework 3 Due Thursday October 23 by 4:00pm.
Tue Oct 21
Class 7
Lecture 2c Equivalence of PDA and CFG
Thu Oct 23
Class 8
Lecture 2d
Pumping Lemma
Chapter 3
  Homework 4 Due Thursday October 30 by 4:00pm.
Tue Oct 28
Class 9
Lecture 3a
Lecture 3b
Turing Machines
Thu Oct 30
Class 10
Lecture 3c Variants
  Homework 5 Due Thursday November 6 by 4:00pm.
Tue Nov 4
Class 11
Lecture 4a Decidability of DFA's and CFG's
Chapter 4
Thu Nov 6
Class 12
Lecture 4b Enumerable sets and the Halting Problem
Tue Nov 11
Class 13
Midterm Review
  Homework 6 Due Tuesday November 18 by 4:00pm.
Thu Nov 13
Class 14
Midterm Chapters 1-3
Tue Nov 18
Class 15
Lecture 5a Reductions
Chapter 5
Thu Nov 20
Class 16
Lecture 5b Reductions on Computational Histories
  Homework 7 Due Monday December 1 by 4:00pm.
Tue Nov 25
Class 17
Lecture 7a Time Complexity
Chapter 7
Thu Nov 27
Class 18
Lecture 7b P and NP
  Homework 8 Due Friday December 5 by 4:00pm. Hand it in to Pat Dickerson, who will give you the solutions.
Tue Dec 2
Class 19
Lecture 7b P and NP
  Homework 9 Due Tuesday December 9 by 4:00pm. Hand it in to Pat Dickerson, who will give you the solutions.
Thu Dec 4
Class 20


Learning from and with each other is encouraged. However, interacting so as to avoid learning is not tolerated. Any discussion in which no personal notes (or programs) are taken in, and none are taken out, are fine. From such discussions, students should learn the material well enough to construct their notes on their own afterwards. If you are in doubt, the onus is you to discuss the sitation with the professor before hand.